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The future
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with a 4-day workweek report being happier and less stressed
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among employees who perceive their companies to be transparent and equatable

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believe technology will never replace the human mind
We engage in research and bring together executives to create a workplace that prioritizes people and embraces digital innovation. Starting in 2019, our team surveyed workers and managers worldwide, querying them on productivity, sense of belonging, and their preferred work methods. The statistics presented above encapsulate the discoveries from this research, which reverberate throughout the book.
Paul Lalovich, MSc
Managing Director Agile Dynamics


A few words about the book


The book serves as a guide, illuminating the path from the static, isolated office environments of the past, symbolized by the cubicle, to the dynamic, interconnected ecosystems of the future, or the “tribe.” It argues that success in the impending technological era will require a fundamental transformation in how we view work, leadership, and collaboration.


My name is
Paul Lalovich

Industrial economist by training, slingin’ savvy solutions as a management consultant and high-tech entrepreneur by background.


The Architects
of Tomorrow

When you pick up “From Cubicle to Tribe,” you’re entering into the future world of how business gets done.

– Prof. Henrik von Scheel, Godfather of Industry 4.0 and Digital themes of today

“Future of Work – From Cubicle to Tribe” is a thought-provoking examination of the modern workplace and the radical changes we can anticipate due to emerging technologies.

Through meticulous research and expert perspectives, the book delves into the implications of blockchain, AI, and other tech advancements on our professional lives.



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Global Economy, Growth Markets, and Technological Sovereignty

  • Analysis of AI and automation’s influence on the workplace.
  • Exploring socio-economic factors shaping the modern workplace.
  • Discussion on global labor market changes and the drawbacks of AI and job automation.
  • The impact of AI and automation on leadership.


The Future of Work – Fusion Teams and Tribes

  • Examining new organizational transformations.
  • Introduction to Pirate Economics and new employment models.
  • The role and effectiveness of multidisciplinary teams.
  • Addressing the question: Has remote work failed?
  • Strategies for building adaptable organizations and fostering innovation.


Why Doesn't the Mafia Need HR?

  • Analyzing HR practices in unconventional organizations like the Mafia.
  • Recruitment and placement practices in non-traditional work arrangements.
  • Promoting adaptability and positive work environments.
  • Applying these principles to mainstream organizations for resilience and agility.


A Decentralized Workplace

  • Discussing the benefits and logistics of decentralization in the workplace.
  • Decentralized workplaces thrive on distributed teams, tapping into diverse talent across locations to drive innovation and global outlooks.
  • Trust is foundational in decentralized workplaces, empowering employees with autonomy and accountability, nurturing a culture of mutual respect.


Digital-Centric Culture Shift

  • How digital transformation is changing workplace culture.
  • Future leadership and retraining for a global workforce.


Why Choose Synthetic Equity On The Blockchain Over Stock On Paper

  • Exploring the concept of synthetic equity and tokenization.
  • The impact of blockchain technology in various sectors, including healthcare.
  • How synthetic equity relates to performance management.


Role of Performance in Circular Economy

  • The connection between high-performing economies and circular economic models.
  • The role of technology in developing new markets and achieving technology sovereignty.
  • Strategies for innovation and venture capital in a technology-driven economy.


People Accessing the Workforce and Factors that Will Influence Future Employment

  • Generational shifts in the workforce.
  • The rise of remote work and digital nomadism.
  • Adapting to new employment trends and developing relevant skills.
  • Comparing corporations and startups in the context of future talent acquisition.


The Convergence of Business and Technology

  • The interplay between AI, automation, and career choices.
  • Future trends in healthcare and other industries.
  • Preparing for the integration of Web 3.0 in the workplace.


Wellbeing as the New GDP

  • Redefining GDP in terms of wellbeing.
  • The role of technology in enhancing wellbeing at work.
  • Addressing the “Great Resignation” and strategies for improving organizational wellbeing.

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Ivan Bjelajac

Experienced tech executive
and blockchain solutions architect

Tesha Teshanovich

Profound philosophical insight
and extensive consulting experience

Paul Lalovich, MSc

Industrial economist by training, and high-tech entrepreneur by background

Dr Emilija Vukovic, PhD

Esteemed Topic Leader for usage of Blockchain in Healthcare industry


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